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Welcome To the ViaQuest-Rangam
Veteran’s Support Portal

Before explaining the registration process, please read the following introduction which will explain the services to which you are hereby entitled…all at no cost to you.

ViaQuest is a large, diverse social services/healthcare company employing over 1900 individuals dedicated to providing separating soldiers, veterans, reservists and military family members with a smooth and successful transition from their military to civilian sector.

ViaQuest is a veteran-owned and operated business that understands the unique needs of all military personnel. ViaQuest serves/supports separating soldiers, veterans, reservists and military family members by preparing them for employment, securing career employment for them, equipping them with the necessary post-employment job-coaching, providing for their physical and behavioural health care needs and offering residential services to assure successful, long-term integration in their community and career of choice.

In order to provide career opportunities all around the country, ViaQuest partners with Rangam Consultants, Inc. This affiliation gives us direct access to hundreds of national and regional employers interested in, and committed to hiring separating soldiers, veterans, reservists and military family members.

As such, if you are looking for career opportunities in your preferred part of the country, you will be contacted by one of our case managers who will then work with you to find the right career match. In order to make this possible, we have a robust database full of qualified professional, technical, clerical, scientific and light industrial opportunities….with an excellent track record of serving and placing separating soldiers, veterans, reservists and military family members anywhere in the country.

As a VA-licensed, social services provider, ViaQuest is best described as a “Continuum of Care.” ViaQuest’s programs enable veterans to receive the supports and services necessary to secure, select and maintain career and community-based employment following their separation from the military. As such, ViaQuest provides the following continuum of care that is necessary to assure the long-term transition, recovery and reintegration of all military personnel:

  • Pre-Employment Services (preparation, selection, placement)
  • Post-Employment Services (job-coaching, case management)
  • Healthcare Services (physical, emotional, mental, behavioral)
  • Residential Services (housing, home-based supports)
  • Educational Services (vocational training, continuing education, certification/licensing)