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Registration Process


As you enter this portal, here’s what will be required of you and here is what you can expect:

Create your user name and password

Create your Veteran Support Portal account, selecting your user name and password. This will take 1 minute.

Complete the initial Registration section, uploading your resume if available. This will take 5 minutes.

Introducing your Case Manager

ViaQuest Veteran Services will then send you an email introducing your Case Manager, explaining the ‘next steps’ and instructing you on how to complete each section

Return to your account and complete each section. This will take 30+ minutes.

Review your account

Your Case Manager will then review your entire account and contact you to schedule a time for an initial conference call. During that call, you and your case manager will accomplish the following:
  • Modify your resume for relevance to the corporate/civilian sector
  • Complete our report indicating how your military MOS, experience and education applies to civilian corporate job descriptions, job postings and employment opportunities
  • Complete your consents, releases and confidentiality agreement
  • Determine your geographic/relocation preferences
  • Determine your career interests, skillsets, passions, industry preferences, etc.
  • Identify and discuss all of ViaQuest Veteran Services that you would benefit from
  • Complete your ‘Applicant Referral Sheet’ reflecting the above

Your Case Manager will make referrals to Service Providers

Your Case Manager will then make referrals to the appropriate ViaQuest Veteran Services providers who will then help you in each area of need (i.e. Rangam Consultants for employment).

Receive the services

Your Case Manager will then become your liaison between all ViaQuest providers and partners that we engage to help you. Your Case Manager will make sure you’re receiving the services that you will benefit from and are entitled to…from the time you first open your Veteran Support Network account to the time when you
  • secure career employment,
  • secure relocation services,
  • secure physical and behavioral healthcare services,
  • secure residential services and/or
  • successfully relocate and transition to your preferred community.

Thank you

for your service to our country and we look forward to beginning our service to you as outlined above.

With this as introduction, please now begin the registration process